The Pareto HR team

The Pareto HR team

Human Capital

Who works on Pareto HR everyday?

Pareto HR is an experienced and venturous Talent Resourcing Office. Together with our clients we search for sustainable talent resourcing. We offer a wide range of services from talent resourcing to individual career transitioning.

managing partner

Lennard Pauwels

Lennard is co-owner and founder of Pareto HR. His technical studies have further enhanced his fondness for technique and engineering. He has always been very interested in observing and understanding human behavior. With the support and training from Johan, Lennard mastered the art of screening and assessing people. Lennard has successfully performed more than 1750 screening-interviews. Lennard is also active in improving his surrounding work environment. He does this by being active in Lier4Business and the Economic Council. His native language is Dutch/Flemish and he also speaks fluent English. His responsibilities within Pareto are: financial management, strategy, quality control, screening and HR consultancy.
managing partner

Sander Goris

Sander Goris is Managing partner and co-founder of Pareto-HR. From early on, Sander was interested in sociological and psychological issues. After his studies Sociology he started working for a Belgian multinational in the financial sector. His passion for recruitment grew here for four years. Sander was trained by Johan Beeckmans with the emphasis on themes such as company organization, people management and recruitment. Sander founded pareto HR to develop the right solutions for recruitment. He is responsible for operational management and business development. Sander works on success stories in his own organization to be able to help his clients with sustainable solutions for their challenges.
office manager

Inge Beeckmans

Inge enjoyed an international upbringing. The last 12 years she settled back down in Belgium. The rich cultural background provided her with a broad view on interacting with people. Inge´s passion has always been caring for others which resulted in her working in child care for 10 years. At the beginning of this year Inge was ready for a new challenge and she decided to follow in her father´s, Johan Beeckmans, footsteps. She stepped into the HR world to continue her passion of helping people. Only this time with the focus of helping people improve the quality of their career and supporting them in this journey.
executive advisor

Johan Beeckmans

Johan has build up a rich international experience in his 30 year career in key Human Resources positions in international companies in Europa and America. He has experience in telecom, engineering, automotive, chemistry and pharma. He also worked as a Headhunter in Switzerland and Germany. He founded his own company specialized in business advice, coaching and HR consultancy. Johan has worked in more than 60 countries and has a very thorough understanding of the complexity of business. He also teaches the Global MBA program at the NEOMA Business School in Paris. He has a Masters degree in Industrial Sociology and a PhD in International Economy.