Sustainable talent

Sustainable talent, you hear it right. Sustainable is something you hear everywhere lately. Everything is made more durable to last longer and thus be better for the environment. So what exactly is sustainable talent?

Sustainable talent is an investment that a company can implement.  An investment to hire talented candidates but also to make sure they stay. This does not mean hiring the first adequate candidate for the position and then hoping for the best.

When hiring, it is important that the right steps are taken to make the new employer and sustainable employer.


To be, or become, a sustainable organization, it starts with leadership. The leader/manager/business owner must work with the employees to move toward the same goal.  It is therefore up to the leader to set clarity in the goal and the path to achieve this. A leader is therefore open to tips and improvements. This person takes responsibility to the organization but also to the employees.  Giving feedback and evaluations is very important. 

A sustainable leader sets the right example and sets the trend for the organization. He or she then ensures that the employees actively participate.


Sustainable talent is not just about finding a suitable candidate. The recruitment process is one that you should not rush through. Choose a candidate whose personality is a match for your organization.  Here it is important to pay attention not only to a Performance fit but also to a Cultural fit. A candidate who does not fit into the company culture will not stay very long.

Don’t forget that sometimes the right candidate is already on the payroll. In order to work sustainably, it is important for an organization to know what talent is already present.

Clear communication

An employer should not only make clear what his vision is but also what he/she expects from his/her employees. A clear and open communication is a win- win for both parties. An organization that knows what its employees need can then also offer this. This ensures retention, a positive impact on productivity and employee engagement.


By offering employees sufficient training they are able to grow within the company. Employees’ talents are nurtured and can develop further. And this to the benefit of the organization. If a sustainable talent can continue to grow you save money as a company and you gain a strong workforce. You have an employee who already knows the organization, someone who can pass on his or her knowledge.

Why choose sustainable talent

Why choose sustainable talent? Sustainable talent means low turnover. This not only gives your organization a good reputation but also saves you a lot of money.  A bad hire not only costs a company a lot of money but also reduces productivity. An organization that is known as a sustainable employer also attracts the talent. Employees are often willing to transfer to an organization that is more committed to its employees.

Being a sustainable (talent) organization means:

  • Leaders who work with employees who share the same vision
  • Attracting and retaining the right talent
  • Establishing clear communication
  • Providing training to give employees development opportunities

Want to know how your organization can work more sustainably with talent? Then feel free to contact us and we will help you with suitable sustainable talent solutions.

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