How do we find talent

We get to know you and your organization better through consultations so that we can determine the criteria that employees need, to be successful in your company. With a focus on a strong Performance Fit and Cultural Fit, we draw up one or more success profiles that your company needs. We then create a plan that fits your needs with a strong focus on both short and long-term results. Finally, in a confidential manner we come into contact with talent through our proven Talent Sourcing method. We always choose candidates with well thought-out motivation and a stable work history.

How we screen talent

In order to strive for a strong match, we make a selection of one or more promising candidates for your job openings. We make this selection using our method, which is strongly based on “interviewing for competences”. On the one hand, we check whether the necessary qualifications and experience are available to perform the job successfully and with the possibility to continue to grow. On the other hand, we outline the candidate’s motivation and personality to see whether they match the vision and culture of your organization.

How we integrate talent

Candidates with impact

Guidance to success

Close employment follow-up

The achieved result

Why our clients choose for our method


Clear-cut assessments

Candidates with a stable work history

High retention of hired candidates

In short, customization

How can we help you?

We want to think with our clients for a sustainable solution, fit to their needs. A tailored made plan can vary from Inhouse HR, HR consultancy, Outplacement, Onboarding and/ or talent resourcing.

I got to know Pareto the first week after I was let go because of a restructuring. My position was Foreman HVAC at my former employer. Pareto HR made sure that I was able to choose from 3 different offers in no time. I ended up choosing the position assistant supervisor HVAC for a multinational with a Belgian Unit.
Assistant supervisor HVAC