Why recruiting in summer is an absolute must

Let's see why recruiting in summer is an absolute must. I'm happy to admit it: the summer months give us plenty of reasons to put everything work related aside for a while. Just enjoy a well-deserved rest. The out of office period is introduced and the vacations are booked. You could say that nobody is interested in talking about work at that time. Still, I have to say that nothing could be further from the truth. Every year, the summer period has many opportunities in store for both employers and employees; and automatically for recruiters as well. That's why I'll give you some reasons why it's certainly interesting to continue recruiting during the summer months.

Time to think

So why is recruiting in summer an absolute must? The summer period is the ultimate moment to reflect. That’s why there are so many employees who evaluate their careers during this period. Do I like my job? Do I fill the right position? Is it possible to grow within the organization I work for? Do I get along well with my colleagues? Do I fit well with the employer I work for or would another company better match my values and standards? Are there no other things that interest me? Wouldn’t it be better if I were trained to do what I really want to do? In short, there are many more questions an employee can ask himself. The biggest reason for this is the fact that employees can see their current situation from a distance during the summer. They are less involved in their daily situation. There is more courage to reflect and be honest with themselves. It is also important to realize that it is not only the period that people will reflect more easily on their current situation; but that there is also free time to look for what they do want. There is plenty of time to contact new employers and then apply for a job. Do you still need a well-deserved vacation but still want to find out what new opportunities the market has to offer? Then it is certainly interesting to have a good conversation with a recruiter.

Vacations often inspire

Not only is there more free time to think. During the summer months, many people seek contact with people they see less often throughout the year. Activities are undertaken for which there is no time during the work period. Also a lot of people go on trips.

This means more free time to get in touch with new influences, stories and experiences. Vacations allow people to experience a greater sense of autonomy. One has much more control during this period than during the year. People are completely free to do whatever they want while on the work floor they are more likely to be confronted with expectations, assignments and responsibilities. If change is not thought through during the vacations, it can still happen during the first working week after returning home. The contrast between independence or motivation and daily expectations can then be enormous. A reason to look out for something else. Finally, we must not forget that for most of us, the summer period has always been, and still is, a transition period. We have experienced this all our lives and have been brought up this way. For school child, student and employee alike, this period has always been a reward for the hard work done throughout the year. A real transition period. During such a transition period people are often willing to take steps that they otherwise would not dare to take.

September is therefore naturally associated with a new beginning.

Much of the competition sleeps

It’s true, there are a lot of people who during the summer make an analysis of their current work situation, think about their career and even leave their current employer. As a result, a lot of vacancies become available but also more people are looking for a new challenge. This means that for recruiters there is a larger pool of talent available but suddenly there are also more openings where these candidates can be placed. On top of that there are also a lot of candidates that are easier to reach because they are much more interested in a new challenge compared to the rest of the year. Also, don’t forget that a lot of recruiters and companies go into vacation mode themselves because they think that the vast majority of talented candidates and employees are on vacation after all. On the one hand, they miss a huge number of potential candidates. On the other hand, there are an enormous number of applications, screenings and recruitments that are not completed during this period. The candidates who have to go through this are automatically held up. Understand that these people are enormously driven to take on a new challenge, but that they suddenly have to wait almost a month for a follow-up. The interesting thing about this situation is that other employers and recruiters can easily accommodate these candidates and then efficiently make their own proposals. In short, are you an employee, candidate, employer or recruiter? Then know that a large part of your competitors sleeps during the summer period. So your reach is greater, theirs is smaller. So the opportunities are there for the taking.

Graduates are looking for their first challenge

Don’t forget the young graduates. They have studied for years to enter the labor market. Finally, the time has come for them to put their backpack away and prepare their briefcase. This is precisely the period when many recruiters and companies are in vacation mode. Please understand that young graduates are not just looking for a company that suits them. They are looking for a company that wants to give them a first chance to prove themselves. So it is the perfect time to invite them for an interview.

A-players don’t wait

If you are looking for the most talented candidates the market has to offer, it is an absolute must to continue recruiting throughout the summer period. The reason for this is that A-players are driven. They are continuously working on shaping their future. What motivates them most is the fact that they can develop their full potential within your organization, together with other A-players. They want to take on challenges together and accomplish them. They are more interested in achieving results than beating around the bush. That is why it is important that these candidates can identify themselves with your organization. However this wont be possible when your company, recruiters, and therefore the recruitment process of your organization is held up because everyone is in vacation mode. The A-player will not be able to identify with the potential new workplace and that makes sense.

It is impossible to attract A-players with a B-player mentality. This is not the only reason why it is important to continue recruiting during the summer period. Time also plays an important role. Another reason is that A-players don’t have to wait. They know their market value, are very ambitious and therefore occupy a bidding position on the labor market. That is why they are driven and resourceful enough to win several proposals. And they are absolutely right. If this type of candidate has become involved in a recruitment process that has been put on hold because there are better things to do during the vacations, he or she will undoubtedly quit and look for an organization that understands the importance of continuing to recruit during these sunny months.


The potential of talented candidates that you will lose if you discontinue the recruitment process during the summer months is enormous. Candidates and employees who are more interested in a proposal during this period than during the year will not be noticed and will stay with their current employer. Worse still, they will take the step but will come knocking on your competitor’s door because he or she will continue recruiting during the summer. Graduates ready for their first professional challenge will get this opportunity from someone else. Finally, the best candidates in the market will not identify with your company culture. If vacations are very important for your company, your employees and yourself and because of this the recruitment process comes to a standstill, it can always be interesting to have your organization represented by an HR agency. They recruit through and limit the above mentioned loss of potential candidates.

You don´t  want to put your well-deserved vacation aside to continue recruiting in the summer? Or do you need advice? We understand that! Feel free to contact us to assist you.

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