Industry 4.0

Welcome to the new industrial revolution, Industry 4.0. Sustainable talent solutions: why is this important? In our previous blog we already talked about the reasons. 

Disruptions, innovations, digitalization, A.I. are crying out loud for Sustainable Talent. For those who think it will diminish, unfortunately we are only at the beginning. Don’t miss the boat, be a leader not a follower. 

The new industrial evolution

We are not at the starting blocks of the new industrial evolution, Industry 4.0, but in the middle of it! Many industries are already applying A.I., robots and intelligent machines to make productions smoother and more efficient. Hospitals have state of the art surgical equipment to perform less invasive surgeries so patients recover faster. Cars can already park themselves and before we know it, cars will be fully self-driven. Automating systems and machines make for more efficient and cost effective operations. Robotics is driving manufacturing to unprecedented levels and indeed making some jobs obsolete. 

This does not mean that we are going to a world where A.I. takes over everything and there will be no more jobs. No, on the contrary. These evolutions bring new jobs but require new skills, new competencies and even a different mentality. Because of the large gap between education and industry, organizations are tackling this themselves. Data sciences, circular economy, sharing economy, gig economy will very quickly influence the workforce and bring about irreversible change. Innovative ideas and applications are needed to continue to exist as an organization. The competition will be fierce, including the competition for talent.

Getting ready for Industry 4.0



This is where the principle of ‘hire for attitude and train for skills’ is needed. Finding suitable professionals for certain jobs is going to get harder and harder. Not only due to a shortage of workers on the labor market but mainly due to a shortage of workers with the right training.

Stay ahead of the curve

To stay “ahead of the curve” as an organization, they must address their processes with automate and innovate technologies. But not only the equipment needs adjustments.

This evolution in the organization will not only be embraced by the leaders and managers.  An investment in appropriate training, extra training and info moments must be set up for the development of all employees. Stay ahead of the curve through highly trained talent.

What does the organization need

To implement change, it is important to know where the organization is going, what the organization needs for this, and who the organization needs for this.

Once it is known who the organization needs, it is time to look at where this talent is going to come from. Is the talent already present in the organization with some extra guidance? Or will employees have to be trained again? Or maybe it is necessary to recruit professionals from outside the organization to fill the positions. 

How does your organization deal with Industry 4.0? Is your organization in need of adaptation? Are you not sure which way to go? Feel free to contact us without any obligation!

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