Headhunting at all levels

Many companies today face a major challenge when it comes to finding the right candidates and convincing them to join them. A passive search strategy consisting of spontaneous applications, data management and advertisements, in many cases no longer produces the desired results. Belgium has been in the top 5 for the number of vacancies in Europe for many years.

Both the market and the candidate are more demanding than before.

This is normal. Most people don’t just pay more attention to ‘what’ they do but more and more ‘why’ they work somewhere. Employees of different levels are nowadays more co-existing in the company, where clear hierarchy used to be the norm. In short, the story has to be right. But isn’t a Headhunter just a recruiter? That was true in many cases. A Headhunter is mainly used when the filling of a position is only possible through an active search strategy for a 100% match between the candidate and his new employer, colleagues, company culture, compensation and career opportunities, career model, performance fit, etc….

In addition, he or she is often actively involved in the screening of candidates and mediates the application process together with business managers and HR managers.

In short, the story has to be right, and this often requires an active, hands on, result-oriented approach.

Searching is an active verb and the headhunter knows that all too well.

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