Cogghe & co


The client

Cogghe is a construction company that specializes in the realization of spacious luxury homes, villas and apartments in prime locations. Cogghe has been a concept in Antwerp for 75 years. Quality and customization distinguish this company from other players in construction. Cogghe carries out the entire construction process in-house. As a result, Cogghe ensures creditworthiness to both customers and its own employees. The company grew from a mere contractor to a versatile construction partner with its own consultant office, aluminum and wood carpentry and legal service. As a result, Cogghe guarantees strong guidance from specialists throughout the entire construction process.

Cogghe builds custom homes but also develops sustainable attractive projects. Everything is possible, from project homes to ready-to-move-in, from budget home to luxury villa.

This with a single common thread: the professional knowledge and craftsmanship of experienced and continuously (extra) trained professionals.



Years experience



New homes a year




The situation

Cogghe is known for a qualitative custom homes concept in the construction sector. All the departments work together with coworkers who are specialized in their field and are motivated to continue to grow together with Cogghe. Coherent design requires strong execution. The number of qualified professionals is rather scarce in the industry.

The solution

Cogghe’s vision is very much based on quality, sustainability and customization. Pareto HR’s vision is closely linked to this. Expert HR advice and a targeted recruitment strategy, delivered Cogghe a tailor-made solution swiftly and efficiently. The vacant positions of masons were filled in a short period of time. In this way Cogghe can monitor the profitability of construction projects.

Recruiting for tomorrow starts with today

And you do that with the right partner.
We recruit not only for the present but also for the future.

The result

As a result, we are able to present an average of 5 worker profiles each year to our client, which have a solid portion of motivation and a stable work experience. Before starting at Cogghe, the candidates have often worked together in a team for years. This way a qualitative and profitable implementation is guaranteed.

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