Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0

Welcome to the new industrial revolution, Industry 4.0.
Sustainable talent solutions: why is this important? In our previous blog we already talked about the reasons. 

Duurzaam talent

Sustainable talent

Sustainable talent, you hear it right. Sustainable is something you hear everywhere lately. Everything is made more durable to last longer and thus be better for the environment. So what exactly is sustainable talent?

Een relatie met je Smartphone

A relationship with your Smartphone

We are in a digital age. A time of computers, Smartphones and so many cool technological gadgets. You can even control your whole house with your cell phone! Lights can be switched on remotely, your heating can be turned on before you come home, you can even take care of your dog while you are at work.

Een diploma of ervaring

A degree or experience?

What is the most important thing to successfully get a new job, having a diploma or experience? We can’t hide it but there are professions where a degree is an absolute must. Would you let your butcher who decided to make a career switch,operate on you ? Or would you be defended in court by your barber who read some lawbooks? For some professions, a degree really is a necessity. And often required by law. This is a logical and a something we cannot go around. However, a job or position where a diploma is not legally required is no less important.

Waarom rekruteren in de zomer een must is

Why recruiting in summer is an absolute must

Let’s see why recruiting in summer is an absolute must. I’m happy to admit it: the summer months give us plenty of reasons to put everything work related aside for a while. Just enjoy a well-deserved rest. The out of office period is introduced and the vacations are booked. You could say that nobody is interested in talking about work at that time. Still, I have to say that nothing could be further from the truth. Every year, the summer period has many opportunities in store for both employers and employees; and automatically for recruiters as well. That’s why I’ll give you some reasons why it’s certainly interesting to continue recruiting during the summer months.

What is Onboarding and how do you apply it within your organization?

By now most employers know all too well that it is very important to keep investing in the search for new talent. After all, a company has an ongoing need for strong human capital in order to grow, realize new and often challenging projects, guarantee quality and service, and perhaps most important of all: to ensure that there is always a good exchange between the employees who work together on a daily basis to achieve all these things. An eye for the present is often obvious, but focus on the future is essential. Nevertheless, the search for those new strong employees remains a major investment for many companies.