Our method for outplacement

We provide guidance that is necessary when the contract with an employee is terminated. Our method focuses on guiding the employee towards the market. outplacement is a legal obligation in Belgium for all employers who dismiss an employee aged 45 years or older and / or with a notice period of at least 30 weeks, but also in case of breach of contract due to medical problems. In any other situation career transition is recommended.

Benefits for employees

Someone to talk to in challenging times

Professional guidance to the next step in your career

Reflection on career opportunities

A higher chance of a new job. To start in the right position in the right company

A certified career coach is with you from start to finish

A permanent contract of indefinite duration

Benefits for employers

The departing employee will be neutral or even an ambassador

Good transfer of experience, skills and insights within the company

Relieved of extra administration

Professional guidance

Maintain your company's image

You are legally covered

How it works

Pareto HR helps people who lose their job after a long work experience. It is our goal to assist these people in processing the transition so that they can start their new challenge in a clear and dedicated way.

1. Introduction

Through an empathetic conversation we gain insight into the situation and offer comfort. Attention is paid to the expectations of the person in question. We also explain to him or her how we will proceed and outline a clear and transparent course.

2. Self-reflection

First of all it is important that the candidate knows who he or she really is. Self-awareness is necessary to determine a clear course. We have an eye for experience, potential, personality and ambition. We obtain a clear picture the through an assessment. We also share this report with the person in question.

3. Determining a new challenge

This self-reflection allows us to see if his or her preference and ambition are realistic and reasonable. We also take into account the personal situation of the person and how this can have an impact on their career, short and long term.

4. Applying for a job

It is easy to apply for a job somewhere, but it is not apparent to apply in the right place (s). Together with the candidate, we look at which vacancies and companies match well with his or her experience, potential, personality and preference.

5. Job interview

We provide very relevant tips and insights that the candidate can use immediately during the job interview. Both preparation and evaluation are extremely important within this step. Our support aims to optimize the success rate of the application.

6. Follow-up

The first months of employment are crucial. We follow-up to make sure that everything goes well. In this step we contact both the employer and the candidate. With this approach we can evaluate and make modifications where necessary.


The last step of the recruitment interview is very critical for the success story of the new employee. In order to optimize retention and return, we guide the integration of your new hire. We do this by planning a strong preparation, entrusting the candidate to a mentor within your organization and letting him or her experience the ambitions and vision of your organization.