Advantages of working with a recruitment agency

Since finding and convincing talented employees can be an intensive process and an organization is already busy enough with its main activities, there is often not enough time and motivation left to pay enough attention to this activity. That is why a collaboration with an external specialist is the perfect solution. Do you want to know what advantages the collaboration with a recruitment agency can bring? Then be sure to keep reading.

Advantages of working with a recruitment agency

Organizations that want to be ready for the future are those that have an eye for need and sustainability. They are companies that invest in the future. And we’re not only talking about training, technology, infrastructure, etc… but also about people. And above all, the right people. We are talking about organizations that think long-term and realize that they need to pass on their knowledge and experience to the next generation of employees in order to guarantee the continuity and quality of their services.

Expertise & customization

As a manager or HR manager you have a lot on your hands and recruiting is only one of the many tasks you have. Recruiting is much more than just looking for people and making a proposal. A successful recruitment process consists of determining the right profiles, listing the advantages for your organization, choosing a suitable search strategy, screening candidates, mapping out their objectives, then convincing them and finally making a proposal.  If you want to match vacancies with the right candidates it is therefore very important that you apply a qualitative and sustainable strategy. Such a strategy often takes a lot of time, focus and energy. An advantage of working with a recruitment agency is the fact that a profile is mapped at the beginning of the assignment. This will make the search strategy more effective. Moreover, there is also a good chance that recruiters have already done the same job with competing colleagues. So they often have experience with the challenge you are experiencing. They will also share their comments and experiences with you. In this way, we will start working on a profile that is well thought out. There is also a bigger chance that the right candidate will be recruited. After all, good recruitment agencies are constantly working on attracting talented candidates. It is their core business. Recruiters have the time and expertise to search longer, more focused and further for the ideal candidate. Moreover, they are in daily contact with professionals because they are constantly on the move on the job market. They are able to be more selective because they can choose from more and often better candidates.

A different strategy

Every organization has its own operation and policy. This means that there is a good chance that the recruitment agency you are working with has a completely different recruitment strategy than your own company. The results will therefore be different. For example, it may be that you yourself put a lot of effort into marketing and are more likely to use passive recruitment activities. But if the candidates you need are insensitive to this, the results will be poor. An assertive and active search strategy can then be much more interesting. The opposite is of course also possible. The factors that determine a successful recruitment method can be very variable. The recruitment agency is therefore in a position to look at all this from a different perspective. From the outside, it is easier to evaluate which candidates will have the greatest match with your organization and what the reasons are for this. Moreover, it can also be very interesting to find out how your company is positioned in the market. Also, recruiters can easily make connections and make comparisons with previous cases and experiences with other companies. The solution to your problem is often already successfully applied at another company. Finally, you and your colleagues can gain a lot of insights, knowledge and experience from it. You will learn a lot during your collaboration with a good recruitment agency.

Durability, quality & efficiency

Filling a vacancy as a matter of urgency has nothing but disadvantages. When time is pressing, the wrong decisions are often made and the wrong candidates are often recruited. If the candidate has to leave soon or has to be fired, this has cost your organization not only money but also time. Time that could have been used to find the right candidate, convince him or her and then having them get on board. It is wise to carefully recruit the right people and create strong matches. Because why would you want to excel in your core business but at the same time indifferently deal with future employees who will form your core business in the long term. Still, it is even more interesting to create positions and positions for top candidates. After all, the best recruiters also propose candidates for whom there is no vacancy when it comes to real A-players. This way you have a continuous inflow of candidates. So the chance of better matches becomes bigger again. An advantage is that your own recruitment apparatus remains well oiled as it keeps in constant contact with talent. In this way your organization will also have a higher connectivity with the professionals within your sector. So you too, will have a better chance of knowing what is going on in your sector. Since recruiters are specialized in finding and convincing talented professionals, you can expect a higher quality of candidates. They are in contact with people who are actively looking for work, but also people who are latently looking for work. Candidates who are therefore employed but keep their eyes and ears open for an opportunity. Since the Talent Pool of a recruitment agency is constantly growing, the agency is in a position to really customize the puzzle. Finally, time and efficiency is also an important factor in the recruitment process. Finding candidates takes a lot of time but screening and vetting potential employees is often even more time consuming. Collaborating with a recruitment agency ensures that you will only receive candidates who have already been screened according to the requirements of the profiling. The hard work has already been done. You will therefore be able to work with a selection of suitable candidates. This ensures that you will be able to recruit very time efficient. Moreover, a pre-selection also ensures that your bidding position as a potential employer is strengthened.


In order to recruit successfully, you don’t only need a few good proposals. Equally important is having an extensive network. This is the only way to get the best matches. But networking is an intensive process. The best recruiters are omnipresent in their market(s). They know what is going on within the sectors in which they are active. One of the most important advantages of working with a recruitment agency is that you enlarge your database. The best recruiters’ network grows every day. Every day they come into contact with new professionals.  Recruiting means helping people. Clients as well as candidates. But recruiters logically don’t always succeed in helping everyone. Still, they stay in touch with them because the next opportunity often lies behind the next corner. As a result, they have a database of latent job seeking candidates they have not yet been able to help. The chance of qualitative candidates is thus statistically increased. Often the candidate has yet to be found but sometimes the perfect candidate is already known.

A good reputation

The reputation of your company is one of the most important factors for the success of your recruitments. A company with a bad reputation will have more problems with candidates who drop out. And they are right. It’s also true that you can quickly get a bad reputation but it can take years to get it back. The best recruiters want to know the story of your organization before they start the assignment. They will look for success stories, benefits and authentic things that make your company attractive. During the screening process, they will not only be listened to and vetted. When there is a strong match with a potential candidate, the recruiter will use this information about your organization to stimulate the interest of the candidate and you will be able to confirm this at the interview. Your brand awareness and reputation in the region will also be optimized. Your organization will be known as one that grows, invests in talent and works with specialists to find and attract the best candidates. A company that invests in people, is sustainable and thus ready for the future.


A recruitment process can be intensive and time consuming. Sustainability, quality, efficiency, reputation, strategy and network are important factors that increase the success rate of this activity. They are also advantages that can result from working with a good recruitment agency. If your company specializes in certain services and there is a market for them, why not let a specialist take care of one of the most important processes within your company?

Do you still have questions or challenges in your recruitment process? Then you can always contact us for an open conversation. We are already on standby. See you soon.

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