A relationship with your Smartphone

We are in a digital age. A time of computers, Smartphones and so many cool technological gadgets. You can even control your whole house with your cell phone! Lights can be switched on remotely, your heating can be turned on before you come home, you can even take care of your dog while you are at work.

Do you have a close relationship with your Smartphone? All these technological evolutions make our daily lives easier. So we would have more time to immerse ourselves in the things we really like to do.

But the danger in this is that we lose ourselves in this technology. When you see people walking down the street, they are no longer engaged with their surroundings. They cross the street without looking. Why? We are glued to our smartphones.

From early in the morning to late at night

Ok, be honest.  How many of you get up in the morning and start your day by checking emails, facebook, Instagram or the news on your smartphone? Our body is still waking up and it is already flooded with all this information and stimuli.

We are constantly in touch with friends, family and work this way but still we lose the human aspects of contact.

Sleep problems are also a growing trend. Because you actually go to sleep with your Smartphone. There it is, on your nightstand. Ping! Another email from work? At this hour? That must be important! Eventually we want to be able to get some sleep and we put the phone on sleep mode. Ahh silence. Finally you can go to sleep. Or can you? Because suddenly something pops into your head. A quick check and we are off again.

By liking a photo of a friend on social media, you don’t know how it truelly is with that person. We often only see cute or “perfect” moments on social media and assume everything is going well. But, do we even ask this? How are you really doing? Actually you sound a little tired, sure everything is ok?

We can't help ourselves

The relationship with your Smartphone can quickly become an addiction. We are a generation with a cell phone addiction. But how does this happen? Well, actually, there is nothing we can do about it. Everything that appears on that little screen has been created to attract our interest and curiosity. The producers of Smartphones and all the Apps have certainly thought about it. Without us realizing it, all those colors and icons release dopamine. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that makes us feel fulfilled.

Cool right? A device that makes us feel like we are receiving a reward? Yes, but very addictive. Over time, we start grabbing our cell phone more often to get this feeling. So it really becomes an addiction. This is where we need to be alert and certainly intervene when we notice that it is getting harder to ignore it.

A quick call?

Of course, these are very strange times. And we should consider ourselves lucky that we have all these possibilities to communicate with each other from a distance. Without video calls we would not be able to see the Grandma at all. Eventhough she doesn’t understand anything about a Smartphone there is still a smile on her face because she can see her grandchildren and great-grandchildren this way. Many jobs can continue to exist today because we have the ability to work from home. Online team meetings keep everyone informed in order for the work to be done.

Here too we must be careful that the distance we create does not become too great. After all, working together with a colleague via e-mails and video chats is not the same as working together in the office. How nice is it to take a break together and talk about something other than work? This strengthens team spirit and increases productivity. You won’t call each other when you are working from home just to chat.

If we don’t have this human interaction anymore we are going to feel lonely. This is certainly not going to have a good impact on work productivity.

So what can we do about this?

Yes of course health and safety comes first. As long as it is not recommended to have more contacts it is best to stay safe and limit person contacts.

But it is possible to work on team building from behind your computer. Organize a video conference, but do not to talk about work. Organize a ‘coffee chat’ or create a fun game that you can play on an online platform.

And as soon as possible, we must restore personal contact. Put the Smartphone aside and enjoy a nice dinner with family, friends and colleagues. In anticipation of that moment, we can already practice being less dependend to our phone.

Put your cell phone on silent or completely off during dinner with your partner or family. Learn to say now it’s me-time, and leave that cell phone alone. You can ask your Smartphone to turn up your heater but a hug from your loved one will warm your heart.

In a nutshell

Very briefly, a digital age is a wonderful evolution. But also an evolution that we must handle with care in order not to lose the personal aspect of our society.  

  • Put your cell phone aside in order to spend time with the people around you.
  • Use Videocalls and Zoom meetings but also insert moments with a more personal approach.
  • Teambuildings, even if they are remote, remain important. 

Do you have questions about how your organization can adapt to this digital evolution? Feel free to contact us. 

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