A degree or experience?

What is the most important thing to successfully get a new job, having a diploma or experience? We can't hide it but there are professions where a degree is an absolute must. Would you let your butcher who decided to make a career switch,operate on you ? Or would you be defended in court by your barber who read some lawbooks? For some professions, a degree really is a necessity. And often required by law. This is a logical and a something we cannot go around. However, a job or position where a diploma is not legally required is no less important.

After graduation

So a degree or experience? We see that graduates have a very hard time getting a job because they don’t have any experience yet. But how are they supposed to get this experience if they don’t get the opportunity? Hiring a graduate means that the company has to invest time in this person. They have often learned the right theory but still need help to put it into practice.

It is important that companies do not see this as ‘a burden’ but rather as an investment. Training this young workforce has multiple benefits.

  1. These young minds can inspire new ideas for the company.
  2. A good start can lead to a loyal workforce.
  3. They are grateful for the opportunity and show this by being flexible.
  4. They learn a lot, learn the inner workings of the company, and thus can also grow within the company.
  5. And yes, they are cheaper to recruit for the company.

So does this mean that a degree is more important than experience?

Our opinion, NO! Experience is worth more than money. Unfortunately, some candidates are overlooked because they have the experience, but not the right diploma. If you are a company in need of a worker who can adjust quickly, knows the tricks of the trade and you don’t have much time to train this person. Why not look at the experience? The candidate may not have completed his studies but he has already proven himself on the job market. A candidate who has proven himself time and time again and has been able to grow in his job? That’s someone you want on your team, right! So what are the advantages of hiring candidates without a degree but with experience?

  1. These candidates often have the drive to persevere and don’t give up easily.
  2. They have had to work to get where they are and will continue to prove themselves to get where they want to go.
  3. Someone with experience requires less training time.
  4. Their experience can be used to train less experienced employees.

Career switch

What if you have that your degree and already have 10 years of experience in that industry, but you feel that the job is still not giving you the satisfaction you need? What if it’s time to take a step into the unknown? That’s totally ok. We are not robots programmed to perform the same task all our lives. No, we are human beings. People who grow, change, and through their path in life sometimes take a wrong path.

We meet more and more candidates who are either forced by medical reasons to change profession or simply feel it is time to make their hobby their job. They too can bring added value to a company. The right training can go a long way. And of course they should be given the opportunity to prove themselves. But what are the advantages of hiring someone who makes a career switch?

  1. Candidates who make a career switch usually do not take this step lightly. They have thought about this and have the maturity to take this step.
  2. The candidate will want to show their gratitude for the opportunity. This is done by being committed and loyal to the company.
  3. The experience (even if outside the industry) that the person brings can bring new ideas to the table.
  4. Hire for attitude and train for skills because you can learn skills, but you can’t change someone’s personality.

Hire for attitude train for skills

Hire for attitude and train for skills is a principle that every company can apply. This means that you hire someone with the right attitude to train this person within the company. This principle can be applied to recent graduates but also to people who are making a career switch. If someone’s personality is a good match with the company, the person has the right attitude and is willing to learn the tricks of the trade, this person can become a great asset to the company.

Hire for attitude and train for skills is also best applied in niches of the job market. Finding the right candidate for a very specific market segment is often difficult. Then you have to search more widely within the sector and be open to training the candidate.

So what is the most important thing?

A candidate can have the perfect resume. He or she may truly be the perfect candidate on paper. But that doesn’t mean that this candidate is also the perfect match for the job. Personality still plays a very big role. A candidate with a lot of experience but no interest in bringing innovative ideas is usually not the right candidate. Or a candidate with the right diploma who doesn’t want to take the initiative and doesn’t want to commit himself to his employer doesn’t seem to us to be the right match either.

Can this person be of added value to the company? This is possible for many reasons. The right attitude, the right mindset and the drive to perform can sometimes be enough. Why? Quite simply, someone who wants to achieve something will work for it, prove themselves and commit themselves.

In a nutshell, you can’t judge someone with just their diploma or experience in mind. Each candidate is a person with their own unique experience and story. The total picture must be looked at closely.

Do you sometimes have a hard time finding the right candidate? We are here for you. Feel free to contact us and we will help your company with ‘finding the right people’!

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