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Sustainable Talent Solutions

Pareto HR is your dedicated partner for customized HR solutions. We work for companies in construction, engineering and medical/life sciences.

Welcome to Pareto HR

Pareto-HR is an experienced and venturous Talent Resourcing Office. Together with our clients we search for sustainable talent resourcing. We offer a wide range of services from talent resourcing to individual career transitioning.

We support our clients (who are active in Construction, Engineering and Medical/Life Sciences) with finding, selecting and evaluating the right candidates who will have a positive impact on the company.

On this (Pareto) principle we build our vision: to be your “partner of choice” through offering a qualitative and goal oriented search strategy that will link companies with talent. Our goal is to help individuals as well as organizations find and utilize their true potential.

What are we good at:

Talent Resourcing

High retention for your staffing

Inhouse HR

Sourcing, screening & assessment

Career Transition

Sustainable guidance to the labour market


Efficient reintegration of candidates



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The knowledge of Pareto HR

Pareto HR supports organizations with talent resourcing. We present a wide range of solutions in discovering, integrating and retaining talent.

Recruitment for

We listen to you. In partnership with our clients, we work together on result-oriented solutions.

Jobs for candidates

We offer solutions to further develop your

Why choose us for a partnership?

We are not a “one-shot” recruitment agency. We work with our clients to find long-term solutions for their organizations. 

Successful acquisition projects

Certified test methods

Sustainable collaboration modalities

Qualified professionals and a successful placement

How can we help you?

We want to think with our clients for a sustainable solution, fit to their needs. A tailored made plan can vary from Inhouse HR, HR consultancy, Outplacement, Onboarding and/ or talent resourcing.

What do they think?

It doesn´t matter what we say or promise. It´s important to know how the candidates and companies experience our collaboration.

Business Manager
The last 20 years my company in HVAC and plumbing thrived to a SME with more than 60 employees. In 2019 I had to lay down the books. I wanted to leave the self-employment story behind and started a search for a management position in the same sector. What was important for me, was to find a position that offered a challenge. The Pareto HR team made it possible that today I am Business Manager in a multinational who´s care value is entrepreneurship.
Exterior Carpenter
I am a trained welder and blacksmith. For years I worked as a workshop worker with my heart and soul and I had the ambition of becoming the foreman one day. The last year I became very interested in architecture and design. I got to know Pareto HR and told them my story. Today I am working in a SME specialized in the installation of exclusive Swiss architectural exterior carpentry. I have been doing this now for 3 years. On top of it all, for the past six months, I worked on Flanders’ most exclusive construction project ever, the One Carlton in Knokke Le Zoute.